End of Life Planning Services

More than half of British adults do not have a will. This means that many people are dying intestate resulting in complications for families which can impact their inheritance. Our end of life planning services have been developed to help individuals put their affairs in order to make life easier for the people left behind.


In addition we have award winning services to assist the recently bereaved.


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How Can We Help You with End of Life Planning?

Our two publications can be purchased to help guide you through the process of end of life planning. If you do not have a will, we strongly advise you to put one in place, more details can be found on our Planning Ahead Page and within The Life File.


The Life File

An invaluable soft cover book to record personal information and details of your life.  A simple way of recording the important details of your life efficiently and safely. The Life File can be completed over time. It gently prompts you to think about and plan for the end of your life.

The Life File is also available in Large Print format.

Digital Legacy Toolkit

In addition to a will an important step is to identify and record your digital accounts. 

The Digital Legacy Toolkit guides you through this process, advising you which details need to be recorded for each account.

We include guidance notes which we constantly review. Included is a document which, once completed, can be kept alongside your will.

Digital Support For The Bereaved

Advice on how to avoid identity theft of the deceased.


Resolution Services and what to do if Someone Dies

Linked Digital Memorials

We can help create a bespoke web page or charity donation page that is linked to a physical memorial such as a bench, plaque or other individual memorial.

We can also link to printed items such as an order of service.

Digital support for the bereaved

Social Embers can give you support and advice when considering the next steps for online accounts following a bereavement.

Some people find that continued access to social media accounts after a death can be beneficial. Online memorial sites are popular and we can offer this service if you require.

Securing the location of the departed person’s online life such as photographs can be important. If you take no action and they are only stored on social media sites, they may be lost for ever as the account might be deleted if left inactive for some time.

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