The Life File

A simple way of recording the details of your life. Where are important documents such as, your will, insurance and pension details kept? If you have a pet, what is the vet’s name? These are some of the questions that The Life File can help you answer, by using it to record important details all in one place.

The Life File can be completed at any time to help you organise your life, and can also be amended at any point. There is space in The Life File to record both practical details and personal and emotional ones, but if you want to create your own personal file based around the information in the book, you are of course free to do so.

Some of the subjects that are included may not be something that you have ever considered. We hope that by including these it will prompt you to give some of these points a bit of thought, and perhaps even discuss them with your partner, friend or relative.


We offer The Life File in two versions; standard and large print.

The Life File

Standard edition (UK and Europe)

Large print edition (UK and Europe)

Standard edition (USA)

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