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A personal bereavement during 2012 led to the foundation of Social Embers in 2014. Sandy Weatherburn, our founder, became interested in the digital aspects of bereavement. We have evolved over the years and now Social Embers Digital Legacy Consultants offer a comprehensive range of end of life-related services for individuals, small businesses, solicitors and hospices.

Here are some of the things Digital Legacy Consultants get up to!

STEP Special Interest Group Member 

The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners have a SIG (special interest group) that focusses on the management of digital assets within estate planning. Sandy is a member of this group, which brings digital legacy experts together from around the world, giving assurance to Social Embers clients who will always receive the most recent and accurate advice about digital assets and digital legacy planning.

Presenting at University Events

During September 2017 Sandy began studying a Master’s degree course – Death, Religion and Culture, at Winchester University, which she has now completed, and will be graduating as a ‘Master of Death’ in September 2020. During this time she has given presentations at universities that are related to those studies. She has also attended many conferences, to broaden her knowledge. 

Supporting Dying Matters Week

We have supported several events during Dying Matters week, which takes place in annually during May. Sandy was a panel member and speaker at a community event – ‘Dying Well Takes Planning’ during this week in 2017.



Training for Hospices and Charities

Our presentations and training events are mostly based in Dorset where we hare based, but we have been further afield. We have worked with Dorothy House Hospice in Somerset and St Christopher’s hospice in South London. We have also supported an event at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations headquarters, advising on suggestions for  digital ‘in memory giving’, for a number of charities. 

Getting Awards

We were delighted to be nominated at the annual Good Funeral Awards, receiving commendation in two categories.

Good Funeral Awards

Social Embers
Social Embers3 years ago
In this recent episode of Panorama reporter Kafui Okpattah shows us how the Government and Social Media companies are not doing enough to prevent fraud, and in some cases are allowing scammers to sell training to others through their social media channels.

Watch it, and note how it is the digital footprint of the fraudster that reveals who he is and where he lives.

Social Embers
Social Embers3 years ago
I am reliably informed from Swipe & Type that today is #WorldPhotographyDay so here are a couple of recent ones from Dorset!

We have so many digital photos now, it is worth taking a moment to think about what you would like to happen to them when you die.

Apple are introducing a digital legacy feature with iOS15 but it will only work if you set it up. If you follow our page, we will explain how to do this when the update is launched
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Social Embers3 years ago
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Social Embers3 years ago
I just have to share this post.

Louise and her team at Poetic Endings have created a modern, colourful new funeral home in London.

Lousie has such vision for modern funeralcare that has grown and evolved into something very special!
Social Embers
Social Embers3 years ago
Here is a link to the image that featured in our Twitter Spaces discussion on Monday about unusual funeral cortèges.

It is a striking image of a funeral procession passing over a frozen waterway in Germany in 1922.

Let me know what you think of this image that is available on gettyimages.co.uk
Social Embers
Social Embers3 years ago
Join me on Monday 12th July at 14.00(BST) in my Twitter Space for a discussion about unusual funeral cortége ideas.

You will find the link to my space pinned to the top of my Twitter feed: @socialembers

This week I have been trying out Twitter Spaces with Swipe & Type in Somerset and we found that it worked well both on iPhone and Android devices. You can join as a listener, or request to take part in the discussion by sending me a DM.


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