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What is a Digital Memorial? A grave is generally marked with a headstone, giving mourners a physical place to visit in rememberance. However, the most common type of funeral in the UK is now cremation, which has led society to develop new memorial rituals.


Through the use of technology Social Embers can help create meaningful digital memorials that are both personal and accessible.


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Talking Legacies 

Talking Legacies is a unique service which provides you with the opportunity to create your own unique memorial. Not for everyone! but it has been requested, so we have developed it.

The example above shows how effective even a simple audio recording can add interaction to a bench memorial.

A talking legacy needs to be created while you are living, it offers you the opportunity to be the narrator of your own eulogy. Social Embers stores your audio recordings and, if required, images so that they can be added to your memorial in the future.

If this is something that interests you, please click on the link below, complete the contact form and we will be able to discuss this further with you.

Digital Memorial

Memorials come in many forms such as

  • Physical – a tree, a bench or a statue
  • Personal – a tattoo or jewellery
  • Digital – a memorialised Facebook page or a dedicated memorial page

Social Embers helps you to create a lasting memorial page which is suitable for the individual being remembered. We are also able to link physical and digital memorials.


A digital memorial is a virtual space that can be designed in many ways, reflecting the personality of the individual it is created for. It can include images, stories, poetry, audio or just about anything you consider important to the person being remembered.

If you would like to discuss memorial options with us, we are happy to explain them, and if you wish, we can host a memorial for you on the Social Embers website and provide the link between a physical and a digital memorial through our QR Code system.

Meaningful memorials

We offer you the opportunity to set up a digital memorial which can be reached easily through the use of QR Code technology, effectively linking traditional physical memorials with digital on line memorials. Even if you don’t know what a QR or Quick Response code is, you have probably seen them on product packaging or posters. The seemingly random collection of black and white shapes are actually a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using smartphones or tablets. They can link the user directly to a website by simply scanning the code with a smartphone’s camera.

When a memorial is visited, the associated QR code is scanned to find out more about the person who has died, such as their life story, pictures or even their voice. We host the on-line memorial for you, which guarantees that the link from the QR Code will always work.

We can link to the digital memorial from many different objects such as

  • Benches, trees and ornaments
  • Wall art, photographs and plaques
  • Soft toys, embroidery and clothes

We are happy to be challenged, so if you have something special in mind, please let us know!

Examples of Digital Memorial Pages

Click on the images below to see examples of our digital memorial pages

Beatrice May

1903 - 1993

A standard single digital memorial tribute page with a choice of eight background banners, twelve images and text up to 300 words costs £75.

Brian Wilkins

1934 -2000

A digital memorial tribute page can include one link to a charity or cause of your choice and a public tribute/comment feed if required.

An enhanced single digital memorial tribute page with a choice of eight background banners, twelve images, text up to 300 words and a video or audio file costs £95.

Barry Grant

1940 -2020

If you have other specific requirements for a digital memorial with additional features such as multi page, we can quote on a case by case basis.


1992 - 2011

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