Digital Legacy Management and Planning Consultancy

We are digital legacy management and planning consultants for individuals, small businesses and solicitors. Acting as your digital executor we can help you or your clients manage digital assets to avoid identity theft and financial loss.

In addition, we provide digital memorials offering our own unique compassionate and professional service.

Our Services

Digital Legacy Management and Planning Services

For Small Businesses

Business transition planning service for small business owners and sole proprietors.

Digital legacy management and planning for your business. 

Digital account transition management services.

Training, advice and continuity planning tailored to your individual business.

For Individuals

Our book The Life File is a simple way of recording the non digital details of your life.

The Digital Legacy Toolkit has all the information needed to help you identify and record your digital assets.

Digital Memorial service; linking physical and digital memorials

Posthumous social media account management and closure advice.

For Solicitors and Will Writers

The Law Society advises that those making a will should also plan a digital legacy.

Our digital executor service saves you time and money. The service can be adapted to suit the needs of your clients.

Cryptocurrency inheritance advice. Digital assets awareness training.

For Hospices and Charities

We give presentations and training on digital legacy management and planning.

Our Talking Legacy service provides your staff with a resource to help patients easily create a digital recording of life moments important to them.

Acting as a digital champion, we provide training and workshops on digital awareness and memorialisation.

What is a Digital Legacy?

Your digital footprint is the data trail left on the internet during your life. A digital legacy is a record of these footprints which can become important financial, intellectual or emotional digital assets.

On April 16th 2014, the UK Law Society advised that everyone should leave a digital legacy in addition to making a will, in other words, digital legacy management and planning is essential.

The Digital Directory

The Social Embers Directory helps you to connect with individuals, companies and charities who offer end of life related services.

What is a Digital Memorial?

The Social Embers Blog

A regular blog written by our founder, Sandy Weatherburn who has an MA in Death, Religion and Culture. In other words, her interests go far beyond digital legacy!

For example, the post categories include; bereavement, burial, crime, digital legacy, funeral, graves and graveyards, memorials, rememberance, symbolism and technology.


What Our Clients are Saying

“I had given very little thought to what would happen to my business should something happen to me. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. With a Transition Plan tailored especially for me I have been a able to put a robust plan in place. I really feel this is a first class service which I highly recommend.

Kirsten Sare

Small Business Owner

” Social Embers offers products and advice on a subject that is not widely talked about, but is very important. Thank you for the excellent customer service!

Trudy Ritsema

Small Business Owner

“. . . so professional and obviously has a wealth of knowledge on this subject, however it was discussed in a senstive manner. I would recommend everybody to get the Digital Legacy Toolkit . . .

Individual Customer

Got a question about Digital Legacy Management and Planning?

Please get in contact with us, or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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