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3 days ago
What a tragic first date!

Anthony Barajas: TikTok star dies days after California cinema shooting
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6 days ago
A memorial to fallen police officers has been unveiled in rain at national #memorial arboretum. Later the sun came out and shone through leaf shaped holes which threw patterns on the ground that looked like teardrops.
2 weeks ago
Body snatching was common in the 19th century as cadavers were needed for dissection in medical schools.

Have you ever considered donating your body to medical science?

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Suzie Lennox 💀 @DiggingUp1800
Erected in 1831, the plain looking building on the left with the green door is Kemnay morthouse #Aberdeenshire.

The dead would be kept safe inside, lying on a shelf until the cadaver was no longer fresh enough for the body snatchers to be interested.

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