How will I feel when someone dies?

Grief and Bereavement

Grief is like a journey that you didn’t plan to take. You probably feel frightened, lonely and unsure of what is ahead. Although the journey is going to have its ups and downs, with time the downs will become less deep. Remember, in life nothing lasts for ever and, in time, the pain you feel right now will lessen.

The journey through grief will not last for ever, but you must allow time for it to lead you to a place of acceptance. There are no shortcuts on this journey; you have to complete the full route so remember to allow yourself time to travel. Your grief is unique; no-one has your feelings, but you will find others who have travelled along the same path and you may find these people can help to support and comfort you. You may find yourself angry about the situation you are in; this is quite normal, but it can help if you talk to someone about your anger, and try to express it without hurting anyone else.

Feelings of regret over things you did or didn’t do are also normal, but remember, we are all human and not perfect. Your sadness may overwhelm you and you may see little purpose in the future. Be kind to yourself and remember that these feelings will pass. Don’t be surprised if some of your feelings frighten you; you are going through a big change in your life.

It can sometimes help to communicate with the person who’s loss you grieve; this can be out loud, written, or silently. You may have difficulties in dealing with day to day activities, feel listless and forgetful, but remember, these are all normal feelings when you are grieving and as you travel further on your journey, they will lessen.

The journey will not last forever but the experiences along the way will help you to move forward in your life in your own personal way. There are listings of useful bereavement support resources in the Social Embers Directory.

If you would like some help or advice with Digital Bereavement in complete confidence, then please have a look here.

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