The Digital Legacy Toolkit

 The Law Society has advised that everyone should make a record of their digital accounts when making a will. The Digital Legacy Toolkit has been designed to help you with this. Our lives have become increasingly connected to the internet, so considering what will happen to our digital on-line life is becoming as important as having a will or Lasting Power of Attorney.

After consultation with members of the legal profession we have designed the Digital Legacy Toolkit. The Toolkit contains helpful information about on-line accounts and how to record them, as well as guidance on social media account memorialisation and on-line memorials in general. This resource is for you to use when making your will or to use in conjunction with an existing will.

We have included all the information and guidance notes that you will need to help you identify and record your digital legacy.

What is included in a Digital Legacy Toolkit?

 The Digital Legacy Toolkit includes:

  • Guidance notes and recommendations for an extensive range of popular online and social media accounts; from Apple to WordPress.
  • Expression of Wish forms to sign and store securely or alongside your will.
  • Advice relating to digital memorials and life stories.
  • A checklist to help you easily ensure that evrything has been completed for your Digital Legacy planning.

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£15 inclusive of postage in UK

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