Why is it we want so badly to memorialize ourselves? Even while we’re still alive. We wish to assert our existence, like dogs peeing on fire hydrants. We put on display our framed photographs, our parchment diplomas, our silver-plated cups; we monogram our linen, we carve our names on trees, we scrawl them on washroom walls. It’s all the same impulse. What do we hope from it? Applause, envy, respect? Or simply attention, of any kind we can get? At the very least we want a witness. We can’t stand the idea of our own voices falling silent finally, like a radio running down.” —Margaret Atwood

This quote is taken from The Blind Assassin. Despite this book being published in 2001, nine years before Instagram existed, this quote describes how we have a desire to mark our existence, and the existence of others.

The digital data that many of us are now storing on social media profiles, may in time become a memorial to our lives. Is that something that you would like to happen? Have you ever given this any thought? We have. Check out this link to find out more.

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