Due to coronavirus lockdown, I am unable to get out into the community as planned to give presentations about digital assets. I created this particular presentation in January before I had any idea that estate planning would become so urgent. In recent days we are becoming increasingly aware of our own mortality as we hear daily on the news of the number of people who are dying from Covid- 19.

If you have not yet made a will and are thinking that you should do something about it, then please watch this presentation. I would also like you to watch it if you have made one, but it could do with updating as your personal circumstances have changed.

Presented by Sandy Weatherburn

It is quite a different thing recording a presentation than giving one face to face, as at the end you receive no feedback. I would normally take questions afterwards and this usually presents case studies of the people in the room. If you have any questions for me then please either have a look as the Social Embers website, comment on this post or e-mail me directly.

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