I like to listen to audio books in my bath, and as I had plenty of time to relax this morning due to it being Bank Holiday Monday in England, I indulged in the pleasure of a scented bath bomb and a sticky face pack. My choice of audio book this morning was All the Ghosts in the Machine by Elaine Kasket which has recently been published. I first became interested in Elaine’s work when I listened to her speaking on You Tube at the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network conference in 2014. As I didn’t want to become too wrinkly in my bath, I listened to the introduction whilst I soaked. Elaine reads her own book, which is great as you get a idea of her passionate enthusiasm for the topic: death in the digital age. This is a perfect match for me, as our interests are similar. So as I listened to Elaine’s bright engaging voice, I was reminded that I was a digital immigrant, living a good half of my life in a non digital era. I wrote letters, stuck photographs in albums and saved private mementos in a special box. My children however are more digitally native, having lived the majority of their lives within the digital era. Elaine has included, true and personal accounts to highlight the importance of considering our digital footprints and legacy during our lives. Whether you choose to listen to Elaine or read her excellent book, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Here is a link to Amazon UK where the book is available in several different formats: All the Ghosts in the Machine 

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