If like me, you are waiting for the Apple Legacy Contact feature to be added to the IOS15 update, then you will be pleased to hear that is currently in Beta testing.

iDropNews tweeted this week that the feature is currently in Beta testing.

When this feature is available, a user will be able to choose up to five legacy contacts and providing this information has been recorded in the settings, accessing a deceased person’s Apple data will become possible. 

iDropNews have explained how the set-up is done: 

Open Settings.
Tap on your profile picture and then select Password & Security. 
Tap Legacy Contact‌.
Tap on Add Legacy Contact.
Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or a password.
If you have Family Sharing enabled, suggested family members will pop up.
Choose a loved one whom you trust with your account after you pass away.
Once you read how Legacy Contact works, tap Continue and proceed to choose how you want to share your Access Key.

This access key will give the chosen Legacy Contact the opportunity to request your data from Apple, providing a death certificate is also submitted. 

There has been a lot of speculation about which data will be available, and iDrop claim that it will include the following: 

Calendar Events
Downloaded Apps and their Data
Device Backups

Whilst this is a positive move by Apple in many ways, there are a lot of privacy issues to consider here. A person’s lifetime secrets could suddenly be uncovered, as their digital footprint, which has remained private in life, maybe suddenly be revealed after their death. 

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