Over the years Brian and Joan spent several happy and adventurous holidays with us in British Columbia, Canada. He particularly enjoyed staying at our cabin on Hornby Island, a small island in the Strait of Georgia, locally known as the Salish Sea. Each morning without fail, before we had Wi-Fi, he would phone for the shipping forecast and often come up with a funny little rhyme. One that particularly sticks in my mind is: ‘A one foot chop, a two foot chop and a raspberry ripple’. It always makes me giggle.

Brian used to creep out of the house at 5.00am to haul our little boat down the beach to fish for salmon. On one memorable occasion he came rushing back about an hour later in an absolute panic, almost peeing his pants and trailing his line behind him. As he was fishing, he noticed out of the corner of his eye. something huge and black emerging from the water. It was an Orca (killer whale) breaching right beside the boat. He quickly started the engine and got out of there – fast! He realized later how lucky he was to get that close to an Orca.

Brian was generous, supportive and empathetic, quick to help out during difficult times. His nephews Jesse and Cam have fond memories of summers spent with him in Weymouth when they were about 11 years old. Brian was firm, but fun, and they always returned home with many a tale to tell! His niece Becky always enjoyed visiting him and Joan at Woodbine Cottage when she was in the UK.

We will miss you Brian. Sister-in-Law Mary and family