I first met Brian in the late 1980’s, when I was working for Southern Electric. I was office based in Poole (Bourne Valley) and worked on the engineering side and had many occasions to talk to Brian over the phone or in-person when he was visiting the office.

In 1992 I was successful in becoming a Wayleave Officer for the company based in Weymouth. Whilst there were several Wayleave Officers in Poole at the time, my boss told me he wanted me trained ‘properly’ and so on Monday 3rd August 1992 I drove down to Weymouth. I had to wait for Brian, who was out on ‘important business’, but upon his arrival, which was around lunchtime, he drove me to Woodbine Cottage where we enjoyed lunch in the garden!!

I spent two months ‘shadowing’ Brian, either following him in his white Montego Estate car or as a passenger, listening to rather different music than I was used to – Les Miserables was I believe one such tape!!  We would often call in to have morning coffee with someone he knew, in fact, I think he knew almost everyone in Weymouth! I visited Castle Cove Sailing Club and his yacht, Avalon, a couple of times, all, of course, as part of our SE duties!! He claimed that the role of a Wayleave Officer was the best job in the company.

He taught me a few very important things, which I found invaluable not only as a Wayleave Officer but more importantly in life – to listen, be friendly and polite and never promise anything you can not deliver. I retired in 2016 when I too considered my job had been the best in the company!!

He was a true gentleman, always had a smile on his face and it was a pleasure to have known him.

Graham White