Written for Brian’s  70th Birthday

The 6th of June in ’34 a babe was heard to cry        

Announcing his arrival, and the world made a sigh.

This miracle of nature was the arrival of my brother.                   

Such a precious bundle for my Father and my Mother.

His name was duly chosen, they called him Brian Neville                                

Although so very much adored, he proved a little devil.

Eyes of blue, auburn haired, so cute with freckled face

And very soon t’was obvious he livened up the place. 

At private school however, he acted rather bad

Expulsion was the only course, our parents felt quite sad   (or mad!!)

To have a little sister was not his thought of joy                                                        

He tried so hard his level best to make me like a boy

Football and soldiers, rough games, we’d often fight                                             

But no-one ELSE could hit me, oh no that wasn’t right.

His life seemed so exciting, he had my admiration,                                              

When I could tag along with him, it filled me with elation.

Embarrassment was commonplace, he often made me groan                                

Me introvert  –  He extrovert – a waste of time to moan!  

Time passed by eventfully, he lived a high old life                                                

Then at last my best friend Joan agreed to be his wife.

He settled down contentedly and then became a Dad                                          

First Sandra, then came Andrea  – both he and Joan so glad.

Now the girls have husbands (named Richard 1 and 2)                                         

Two children each (three girls one boy) building up the Crew.

Your Friends and your Relations all love you through and through,               

You’ve never really grown up much, but then that is……just You.

Your life has not been wasted, there’s plenty more to tell                                                  

For Seventy Years today, We’re here to wish you well. 

            Lots of love – Rose xxx