Sandrea was Brian’s first fibreglass yacht. This was an Achilles 24 which was first built in 1968. Brain went to Wales to bring his new boat back to Weymouth with boat builder Spike Patrick who fitted it out for him. The name was a combination of his daughter’s christian names, which caused a bit of confusion at times. 

Sandrea competed in class type meetings, in the solent with his brother-in-law Malcom Spicer crewing for him. Brian took his family across the channel on Sandrea on several occasions, to Alderney and the Cherbourg. He continued to race his boat competitively in Castle Cove Sailing Club races, and in Royal Dorset Yacht Club events. 

Sandrea had a big cockpit which meant there was always room for Brian to take other people for a sail, which he loved to do. Sandrea did not have an inboard engine, an outboard motor was set into a well in the cockpit. Brian purchased as much technical sailing equipment that he could for Sandrea, enjoying the evolution of marine navigation equipment. The boat was fitted with a camping toilet that needed to be emptied, but the family found a bucket much easier to use.