Brian bought Lollipop from Todd Marine in Weymouth with his father William. Lollipop was moored near to the end of the Castle Cove Sailing Club pier as it was too heavy to be launched from the shore regularly. Brian had a selection of small rowing dinghies that he used to get from the shore to Lollipop.

Brian fished from Lollipop, but he lent his boat to other friends who also enjoyed fishing.

All of Brian’s family have been aboard Lollipop including his own mother before she died. Many hours of happy family adventures were taken place aboard, providing all of Brian’s family a safe and seaworthy vessel in which to establish their sea legs!

Lollipop was used in Castle Cove Sailing Club for ferry boat and rescue boat duties, mooring inspections, and the scattering of other members cremated ashes in Portland Harbour.

Brian adapted the steering position from the stern to a wheel, and added a spray cover to enable him to make longer journeys.