Avalon of Chor is a Hunter Horizon 32, designed by Brian’s friend from his 12mR sailing days, David Thomas. 

The boat was purchased from the previous owner who kept it in Bangor in Wales. Brian set off with his crew: friends, Arthur Meech, and Jim Hutchings and his nephew Jesse Tarbotton to return his new boat to Weymouth. This yacht was a ‘bilge keel’ design, making it more stable at sea. This did not mean that it prevented the seasickness in all of the crew though! Avalon had a powerful inboard motor and a wheel house, meaning Brian could steer Avalon from inside. Brian did not suffer from seasickness himself though, but was sympathetic to those who were.

Brian was planning his retirement adventures and knew that he needed a yacht that he would entice his wife, Joan, to spend several months aboard at a time. Several summers were spent cruising the waterways of Holland, exploring inland as much as possible, with Brian enjoying his digital navigation equipment. and keeping up with the latest marine technology as much as he could.

Four grandchildren arrived into Brian’s life, and he took great delight in taking them all on ‘Avalon adventures’. The boat has steps at the stern, making access for the children easier. Along with Avalon and his tender Lollipop, he spent hours and hours aboard, often more time than he did at home. 

Avalon was used at times at Castle Cove Sailing Club as a committee boat for events, and Brian always made sure that he had a full set of flags flying for any nautical event that was happening in Weymouth. He continued to enter many of the races held each season. As Brian got older he was finding getting aboard Avalon more difficult so he took a council berth mooring in Weymouth’s inner harbour. This meant that the boat was accessible to him at any time of the day or night, which he loved. Brian continued to visit Avalon regularly up until the end of 2019 aged 85, until his failing health prevented him from doing so.