The most common funeral service is now cremation and very often the deceased requests that their ashes be scattered in their favourite places, as opposed to being kept all in one location. This does leave those left behind with a problem though; how to best remember the deceased? There will be no actual grave for them to visit, and therefore they often look for a way to pay tribute to the deceased person by creating a memorial to them.

Memorials come in many forms such as 

  • Physical - a tree, a bench or a statue.
  • Personal - a tatoo or jewellery (often with some of the ashes incorporated)
  • Digital - a memorialised facebook page or a dedicated memorial page

Social Embers are also able to link physical and digital memorials through the use of dedicated QR Codes.

If you would like to discuss memorial options with us, we are happy to explain them, and if you wish, we can host a memorial for you on the Social Embers website and provide the link between a physical and a digital memorial through our QR Code system.

Visit our on line memorial pages.

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