Barry Grant

1940 – 2020

Barry Grant
  • 80 years old
  • Born on 2nd August 1940 in Okehampton, Devon.
  • Died on 25th November 2020 in Weymouth, Dorset.

This memorial website was created in memory of Barry Grant as a tribute from fellow members of Castle Cove Sailing Club. 

About Barry 

Barry’s funeral took place at Weymouth Crematorium on Friday 11th December 2020. It was a bright and sunny morning and friends stood along the route of the funeral cortège to wish him farewell. 

This website has been created by friends from Castle Cove Sailing Club as a virtual space for them to share their happy memories of their fellow member Barry as currently the Covid-19 restrictions do not allow them to celebrate his life.

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Fortuneswell Cancer Trust

If  you have any articles or photographs  that you would like published here, then please e-mail them directly to Sandy – 

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  1. I have known Barry for many years and he will be sadly missed around the sailing scene in Weymouth. On the water he was very competitive and was always out to win, off the water he was such a friendly person. I served on the Sailing Club committee when he was Commodore and remember him always trying to reach a consensus through mediation rather than confrontation. RIP Barry.

  2. A wonderful man who will be greatly missed. Barry has been a good friend to our family for as long as I can remember. As a child I have fond memories of helping him build the Nov 5th bonfire on the beach. In later years he showed us that sailing a high performance dinghy has no age limit. A true gentleman.

  3. I have known Barry for most of my life and cannot believe he has passed away so suddenly I thought he would live forever.
    He was such a live wire with his sailing, a great competitor and loved his ballroom dancing, especially Latin American.
    Barry was a great stalwart of Castle Cove S.C. throughout his life and was always working to improve things.
    I also had the pleasure of serving as Barry’s Sailing secretary when he was Commodore of C.C.S.C.
    We will all miss him. R.I.P. Barry

  4. Barry welcomed me to J24 sailing, CCSC, dancing and beyond….I remember trying to upturn my capsized laser on the race course as Barry shot by me on his trapeze saying you can do it Lucy…so I did…and then did it again. Barry was a true inspiration and he will live on in his many memories…. thinking of Liz and his family at such a sad sad time…Ill miss you Barry xx

  5. Barry with his dancing shoes, his lovely Liz and a big smile…. Barry with a clipboard, organising work parties…. Barry sailing to win – and still smiling. We’ll miss him.
    Always a quiet and thoughtful input to discussion; I will miss his wisdom on many matters.

  6. For me, Barry typified the friendly, welcoming, self-help ethos of Castle Cove. He clearly made a huge contribution to the club over the years and made us feel very welcome. I’m struggling – like a lot of us I’m sure – to imagine the imminent winter working parties without Barry and his clipboard directing affairs! If I can still be sailing my dinghy at 80 as he was I will consider myself to be very fortunate. He will be missed in many ways. Thoughts and condolences to Liz and family.

  7. We sail a Fireball and have sailed against Barry at numerous Regattas over the past 40 years. Whilst fiercely competitive he was always friendly and welcoming whenever we visited Castle Cove. His love and enthusiasm for the sport was infectious. He will be sadly missed.

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